Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

In our community, Community Action operates Holmes House for homeless men and Crossroads domestic violence shelters for women and children. With no family shelters available, families experiencing homelessness have to separate in order to receive help. Family separation increases stress on the family and impacts children, parents, and the entire family unit.

The Authority entered into a collaboration Agreement with Clarion-Jefferson Community Action. Under this agreement, Community Action conducts intakes and determines families’ eligibility for placement. The Housing Authority maintains the unit and provides household furnishings and utilities. A family shelter handbook and rules and occupancy agreement were developed. The maximum stay in the shelter was defined as 30 days with need based extensions considered.

Applications for families in need of housing are taken thru Community Action, Punxsutawney PA and Cheryl Craft should be contacted at their office.

The family shelter was opened on May 29, 2015. Since inception the shelter has provided temporary housing for countless homeless families. Of those families many have secured permanent housing through JMHA.

In addition to the agency cooperation with Clarion-Jefferson Community Action Inc., The Clarion-Jefferson Shelter Task Force, The Salvation Army Western PA Division, and the American Red Cross, the Housing Authority partnered with private organizations to provide household furnishings and supplies. Furniture was provided by Miller Home Furniture Bank in cooperation with Lezzer Lumber and AGAPE services. Toiletries are provided for the families by donations from local churches and the community.

The shelter has been utilized by over 30+ homeless families.

In 2019, JCHA was awarded PAHRA (PA Association for Housing and Dedevelopment Authorities) for Best Practies for their efforts with the homeless shelter. JCHA couldn’t be prouder to be offering a solution, in collaboration with Community Action, to house homeless families.

Sandy receving the Best Practices Award
Sandy McGuire, (retired Executive Director) receiving the PAHRA Best Practices Award